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How far do you travel?

My services are based in Inverness & Highlands, however I can travel to the rest of Scotland and beyond, subject to availability.

What is the maximum number you can do for one booking and how long does it take?

To keep up my high standard of work, my maximum number of makeup services on a wedding morning is 6. I am always happy to source you another highly recommended artist to accommodate the remaining numbers.
I like to set about 1 hour per person to ensure that nobody feels rushed. I'd always recommend aiming for hair and makeup to finish about 45 minutes - 1 hour before the ceremony time to allow dressing time, photographs and any touch-ups. I always request to have the bride in my chair somewhere in the middle of the wedding morning schedule, and this session will usually take 1hr15 to perfect the look.

Is there a minimum number for bridal parties?

The minimum number for bridal parties is 4 as the whole morning and sometimes afternoon, depending on numbers and ceremony times, is booked out for a wedding. Bookings can be made for less people, but the minimum price paid would be 4.

What do I have done first, hair or makeup?

In most cases hair would be done first, so that if your style needs time to set in rollers/curls, it has time to do so while you have your makeup done.

Are false eyelashes included?

Yes they are! I stock a range of styles and brands in my kit, going from strip lashes to individual clusters, depending on your preference. The glue that is applied is latex-free and waterproof, so will stay in place until its time to remove your makeup. False lashes are always recommended over lash extensions as these can look dusty and disappear in photographs. LVL is sometimes recommended to mothers of the Bride/Groom that do not wish to wear mascara/false lashes although this usually isn't recommended to members of the party that wish to wear eyeliner or a more intense eye-look.

Will the makeup last all day, and what do I need to touch up with throughout the day/night?

Your makeup will last throughout your day however touch-ups are inevitable to keep it looking perfect all day. Usually, a pressed powder to absorb any excess oil, and your chosen lip product is all you will need. I can recommend some options at your trial.

My Mother/Mother in Law wants a more natural look as she doesn't wear much makeup, will this cost less?

The cost is the same for all other party members, regardless of the look or intensity of makeup, as this style takes just as much time to perfectand uses the same amount of high quality products only used with a different technique. The Bride's makeup costs slightly more as I will spend extra time with her doing a facial routine to prep, and to perfect the final look with the dress, such as décolletage highlighting.

Why does wedding makeup cost more than a regular makeup appointment?

Wedding bookings require significantly more admin work such as booking forms and contracts, back and forth correspondence, invoices and filing, as well as the 4.30am alarms and cleaning and packing up kit, tools and lighting. I bring out my most expensive products for weddings to ensure the makeup is built to last all day.

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